Satellite System and Chocolate Board Survey

Thankyou for your interest in the Satellite System and the Chocolate board. :)

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1. If the Chocolate board and Satellite System were available as a product that you could buy right now for roughly US$25-$40 plus delivery, with specifications that made it reasonable value for money, would you likely buy one? Yes No Unsure
2. If a crowdfunding campaign were set up to produce the Chocolate board and Satellite System in about 6-9 months, with a suitable tier in the US$25-$40 range (plus delivery), would you be likely to contribute to the campaign? Yes No Unsure
3. Suppose there were two models of the Chocolate board available, the Model A and Model B. The Model B has better specifications than the Model A (eg. more flash), but is about 50% more expensive. Which of the two models (A or B) would you be more likely to purchase?  A   B  Unsure
4. During the course of a crowdfunding campaign, would you be likely to discuss the Satellite System and Chocolate board with others? Yes No Unsure
5. Have you used gdb for debugging (directly or indirectly)? Yes No Unsure
6. Are you comfortable using Linux? Yes No Unsure
7. Do you own, regularly use, or will soon purchase a Raspberry Pi? Yes No Unsure
8. Do you own, regularly use, or will soon purchase a Linux-based computer with a GPIO header, excluding the Raspberry Pi? Yes No Unsure

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