Satellite Production

I am currently evaluating the feasibility of doing a production run of the Satellite Chocolate board and a public release of the Satellite System. Whether this is practical or not depends on the level of interest in the board.


At present the Satellite Chocolate board is a hand-solderable working prototype. There are a number of shortcomings and flaws that I have noted during the development of the current board that I would like to fix. There are also a number of improvements that I would like to make to the board. Hand-soldering is impractical for a production run, so changes will have to be made to accommodate this.

The Satellite System is a working prototype. Whilst it is a working system, it is incomplete. Further work and cleanup will be needed before a solid public release is possible.

Component costs reduce with volume, as do manufacturing costs. Software development and board design is essentially a fixed cost, so greater numbers of boards reduce the effective cost per board. The more people that are interested, the less the overall cost to produce a board is, and the more feasible it is to proceed.

If there is sufficient interest in the Satellite System and the Chocolate board, it may be practical to go through the process of refinement and improvement to produce a refined Chocolate board and a solid Satellite System for public release.

The first step in this process is to gauge general interest. If you are here, reading this, then something has probably caught your eye and drawn you to this page. Thankyou. :) Please read on...



If you think that the Satellite System and the Chocolate board are something you might be interested in, please let me know. If you are happy to take a short short survey, it would be really helpful. Click here to take the survey.

If there is enough interest, the next step will likely be to pursue crowdfunding of some sort to ensure that sufficient funds will be available to make this a reality.

Hopefully there is enough interest to pursue this further. :)

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