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I am an experienced, highly-skilled, First-Class Computer Science Honours graduate C++ software engineer and an experienced Linux/Unix system administrator. I have twenty years of professional experience.

I graduated with a First-Class Computer Science Honours degree from the University of Adelaide at the top of my class. I was awarded the School Prize for Honours Computer Science for the highest overall result for the course that year. My results for all of my Honours subjects were at alpha (highest) grade, with one exception. My results throughout my degree were extremely high, including the highest awarded results for three subjects. My results for Mathematics and Computer Science subjects were Credit minimum with one exception, with the majority being at Distinction level or above, and approximately half at High Distinction (highest) level.

During my career I have worked on and successfully completed many software development projects. I have undertaken the successful design and completion of multiple significant software and systems projects, including the sole development of a software application as part of a self-funded small business, and was responsible for every aspect of its development from initial concept, through design and development, to successful completion, sales, and maintenance.

As a system administrator I have set up, maintained and supported Linux/Unix-based systems and servers, including file, web, license, and mail servers. I have been responsible for supporting national supercomputing Cloud/Grid infrastructure. I am familiar with multiple virtualisation technologies.

I am experienced working entirely independently and in teams both large and small. I am highly self-motivated and capable of and experienced working independently under minimal or no direction.

In my career I have worked in Defence performing software development in the area of computer security, radar, and 3D simulation, in commercial game development, in system administration and support roles, in a high-performance computing (HPC) environment, in a national Cloud/Grid computing role, with 3D CAD and visualisation, and in my own business. I have worked with both external and internal clients. I have worked as a tutor and in a mentoring capacity with fellow employees and students. In my business I developed a commercial software product from initial conception through design, development, and to successful completion; followed by maintenance, sales, and support.

I have considerable experience in the realm of cross-platform development, 3D visualisation, simulation, server development, and virtualisation.

I have basic electronics knowledge, and have designed and built my own AVR and ARM microcontroller printed circuit boards (PCBs).

I am based in South Australia in the Adelaide suburbs, approximately twenty minutes from the CBD. I am happy to work either on-site or remotely from my home office.

I am not looking to relocate state or country at this time. I may be open to reconsider this if it involves an extremely strong offer- please let me know if this is the case.


I am generally available for a variety of appointment types, including:

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a solution to meet your needs.


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Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs. My Curriculum Vitae is available on request.

I can be reached at this email address:


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